Free Guide - How to recognise Your Body's Fertility Clues

Periods, petting and pregnancy

Yes the three go together. Certainly one of the main purposes of the menstrual cycle is to make possible the physical or biological ability for a female to conceive, carry and give birth to children.

Now that you have your periods and your body is developing a more womanly shape... at some point boys are going to look really attractive and you are going to start to feel all sorts of sensations and desires that you have never felt before.

Your sexuality is starting to make itself known.

You may start to become acutely aware that sex is all around you. After all, it is no secret that 'Sex Sells' in our society, and it can get confusing trying to sort out what you are seeing and hearing all around you and fitting it into who you are and what you are experiencing in a virtually brand new and sometimes alien body.

There may be pressure put upon you either by yourself, your friends, TV or society to start acting and behaving in certain ways . Fears of not keeping up or being too loose, rules of cool behaviour, and others expectations can make it difficult to explore your own sexuality in a safe, caring and loving environment.

The bottom line is that Sexuality is OK.

It can be used as an expression of the most divine and sacred love, even though in our fast food world it often isn't.

It is natural, and exploring it can feel good, really good.

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Remember your body belongs to you and only you. It doesn't belong to your family, your boyfriend or your friends.

Respect your body and who you are. Learn to value and treasure yourself as the unique and beautiful individual that you are. Take the time to get to know your body, so you can listen to what you need, want and enjoy. If you or someone else is doing something that you don't like ... Stop.

Another thing... If your experimentation leads to sexual intercourse (where a boys penis is put inside your vagina), make sure you are using contraception, because you can get pregnant. Condoms are the best choice because they will protect you from pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. But only if you use them. And, Withdrawal (when he says he'll pull out before he comes) doesn't work in either case of pregnancy or STD's.

By Nadia MacLeod