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Puberty Place is especially made for girls and young women who are about to start or have started menstruating. It aims to offer clear and sensible information about menstruation, bodies and fertility whilst also offering a more positive viewpoint and attitude to the whole process.

Menstruation is a big deal.

There might be many conflicting messages around you as you reach puberty which can add to the confusion you are already feeling at this important time. For some it is a positive time, for others it can be shameful depending on your own family and cultural expections or taboos.

The whole thought of bleeding once a month can be a total shock and its not easy to know what to expect when your first period comes.

On top of that, a young girl really doesn't know when her first period will arrive and there is no way to predict its arrival. Some girls get it early whilst others get it later, and it's a combination of many things,  genetics, diet, level of exercise, family influences which all determine when that time will happen for any one girl.

It is the gateway from girlhood to womanhood and it can be used as a positive tool in a womans / girls life. So feel free to read and explore within these pages and the whole site, as we say our aim is to help women feel great every day of the month.

If you are getting your period for the first time - welcome. I wish you an easy journey to womanhood and I hope you will learn to value your monthly cycle as an asset rather than a curse.



By Nadia MacLeod

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