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My boyfriend and I had sex, not a lot really (my first time) and he used a condom with spermicide, and he said he pulled out before he really came, anyway, my period almost always comes during the last few days of the month...and counting 28 days, I would have started again on the 30th...

So my boyfriend and I drove ourselves crazy, thinking, Oh my God! I'm pregnant! since my period is a few days late...but today I took a pregnancy test, and followed directions, and it said I wasn't pregnant, and since he had the condom and all, and wasn't even in for long....anyway, my period still isn't here!!! and there's no sign of it coming (no grumpiness, no cramps, like usual) (oh, I'm almost 17 by the way)... What do you think? Can having sex make you have a late period even if you aren't pregnant??

I don't know if it's the having sex that can make you late or just the worry / anxiety involved in the "Is my period here yet?" scenario. The menstrual cycle seems to be very sensitive to lots of stuff and unusual events can throw our cycles out. Sometimes waiting for our periods is like watching the pot that never boils if you know what I mean. If you aren't pregnant then just relax, and I bet when you least expect it, there it will be!

Last night I was on my third night of menstruation and me and my boyfriend had sex....for the very first time he came(ejculated) inside of me. He said that i can't get pregnant if i'm menstruating....I would like to know if this is true... is there any possible way a woman can get pregnant if a man ejaculates inside a woman while she is menstruating??

Yes a woman can get pregnant if a man ejaculates inside of her... It all depends on if the ejaculation coincides with the woman's natal lunar fertile phase, which is a particular time of the month which changes each month when the moon is at the same angle to the sun as when you were born. You can find a more in depth explanation of this at two fertile times

A few hours ago my girlfriend and I were making out on my bed. We didn't mean anything by it but then I ejaculated and it went through my pants. I'm not sure if it went through hers but all I know is that she just finished with her period (she took out her tampon just before we started making out). Though the chances are rare, I don't think I impregnated her but I really must know if we're at any danger. Is it possible to get pregnant immediately after your period? As far as I know, she took out her tampon, like I said before, because she had just gotten over her period. Is she fertile in this stage

I can understand your concern. Whether she was fertile or not depends upon her natal lunar phase. Normally with the physical biological hormonal cycle of menstruation a girl would not be fertile after her period. However if this time co-cinided with her lunar fetility she could have been. Also whilst it is possible to get pregnant with out penetration it is rarer, her fertility at that time is really the key..

Another point to note- is that sperm really does need moisture to survive - once it comes into contact with air it dies very quickly.It would be unlikely that seprm could survive through two lots of clothing.

For more information go to Help I think I'm pregnant and two fertile times.

By Nadia MacLeod