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The Period Pages

Menstruation is a subject that people rarely want to talk about. Even now it is not considered polite.

As a woman, you will probably bleed on a regular basis over 30 to 40 years It is a perfectly natural and healthy bodily function which is treated shamefully and secretly in many cultures.

Menstruation plays a very important part in a woman's health and well-being throughout her lifetime. It can be a source of shame, inconvenience and pain or it can be a useful tool in a womans life.

Unfortunately, most women have no idea of the value of their cycles and how to use them effectively.

This knowledge and old ways are currently becoming more available and you can use the information on this website to start your journey of reclaiming and making the most of your womanhood. It simply requires an open mind and heart, and the ability to see clearly and to make choices for yourself.

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 "Can I say I am just sitting here reading the site with my jaw on the floor? I mean, I knew women were still in harmony with the moon. I'm a Cancer, so yeah, the moon's always been something I paid attention to, but there's insights on these pages that I've never had any inkling about. Just.... wow." Veronika S


By Nadia MacLeod