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PMS and Orgasms

Did you know that the female orgasm is one of the best remedies against PMS and period pain? Whilst probably not scientifically studied it is a phenomenon that I have discovered in my own life, as I am certain many other women have.

So what's good about Orgasms?

Orgasms by their nature are tension relievers - releasing energy, stress, blockages, minor aches and pains, and opening up our base chakras.

During sexual stimulation, before orgasm - your body becomes excited as blood pressure, breathing and heart rate increase. The blood vessels and tissues in the genital area fill with blood causing enlargement of the clitoris, swelling of the labia, and vaginal lubrication. As excitement peaks, this muscle tension fills your whole body until that moment when excitement and pleasure push you over the edge and you orgasm.

Your body stiffens and muscles involuntarily contract, spasms occur in various parts of the body, including your legs, stomach, arms, and back. The muscles of the vagina relax and contract rapidly, as do the muscles of the uterus. The glands of the vagina discharge a watery secretion, lubricating the vagina. We come - the equivalent to the male ejaculation.

In addition, endorphin's are released into the body. Endorphin's are substances that naturally form in the body to relieve pain. They may also help to regulate the hormonal system.

So between the physical workout of muscles tensing and relaxing and the effect of the endorphin's making us feel less pain, more relaxed and happy - orgasms make us feel pretty good.

Period pain and PMS on the other hand make us feel bad.

Women in general tend to store stress and fat around our hip area whilst men tend to store it around the gut and heart. All this stress and storage of "bad energy" works to constrict our reproductive organs and base chakras or energy centres.

On a metaphysical level these chakras deal with issues like survival, fear, power, safety and security. Often when we feel unsafe, stressed and fearful we tend to close these energy centres down. We close our sphincters, we get constipated, libido decreases - we are not open and energy does not flow. And we often are not even aware of this tension until we experience pain leading up to or during menstruation.

Periods by their nature open up the base chakras (which is why some women experience diarrhoea with their periods, it's another example of the base chakras opening). This is necessary for the blood to flow. If we are tense, our body which is trying to release the blood and emotional/ energetic garbage from the month before has to struggle through this tension and the result is pain.

I think this is why orgasm works so well to relieve menstrual pain. Orgasm releases the stress and tension in our reproductive area, loosens it (and us) up so that when the blood starts to flow, driven by the contraction of uterine muscles - there is less of a struggle and thus less pain.

Consider the orgasm and give it a try as a PMS remedy. Pleasure yourself, or get your partner to join in. If you are feeling like you need some space and don't want to engage in the full sex act, negotiate and work out a mutual stimulation encounter where you can maintain your space but reap the many rewards of pre - menstrual orgasm.


By Nadia MacLeod