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Period Stain Removal Guide

Every woman has the experience of getting period stains on their clothing or sheets at some time. Here are a few suggestions for getting rid of those menstrual stains.

The general rule is the sooner you can treat the stain the better - a wet menstrual stain is much easier to remove than one that has dried.

How you approach the period stain removal process depends on what you are trying to clean. Clothing, sheets or washable fabric items are much easier to deal with than upholstery as these can be washed with water.

For fresh stains - soap, lukewarm water and some gentle scrubbing usually does the job. You can use just plain soap or those special laundry stain removal soaps. For example there is one called Exit which is a small yellow rectangular soap stick that you can get from most hardware stores (I get mine from Mitre 10) - these work really well on a wide range of stains. You can also try Sard wonder Soap.

If the stain has had time to dry and set - then you may need to soak, bleach or use a pre-stain removal spray to loosen it up. Then use the soap and scrub or throw in the machine. Bleach usually only works well on white or near white fabrics - using it on coloured fabrics may ruin the item.

If you are trying to remove stains from cloth menstrual pads then avoid using chlorine bleach and use oxygen based soakers / products instead.

If you are dealing with a fabric that can't be made too wet then you will have to take greater care. It's probably best to stick to the manufacturers instructions and source a specialised stain spot remover.

Did you know that there are ways to avoid getting period stains on your sheets and clothing?

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By Nadia MacLeod