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Lunar Fertility History

Most women watch their cycles and know that their mid cycle or biological ovulation is the prime time to fall pregnant in.

What they don't know is that the moon can trigger ovulation and bring on fertility at any time during the menstrual cycle.

Francesa Naish from her book The Lunar Cycle page 19 - 20 tells us "Over and over in clinical use of the lunar phase cycle instances have occurred where this cycle seemingly explains otherwise puzzling phenomena. Conceptions have always been known to occur when medical tests of fertility claim they are totally or nearly impossible. These times include during menstruation, during pregnancy or on the Pill.

Many women feel sure they know when they have conceived, only to be told by doctors that they are mistaken. Ultrasounds often give results that show the progress of the pregnancy to be 1-2 weeks at variance with the expectations of the doctor.

Many women feel sure that they know when they ovulate, have regular cycles, and yet have conceived against their wishes. These conceptions occur at times when they are quite sure they are safe.

Doctors have traditionally felt that these instances result from the woman making a mistake of one kind or another, and doubtless many of them do. However it is also possible that a further factor in fertility namely the lunar cycle, may be behind these seemingly 'erroneous' cases"

The lunar cycle was rediscovered by Czech psychiatrist Dr Eugene Jonas in the 1950's. Dr Jonas was a catholic who lived close to the border of Hungary where abortion was legal. Abortion had been legalised in 1956 in Hungary due to the high failure rate of the rhythm method.

Dr Jonas observed the frequent failure of the rhythm method and the detrimental psychological effects on his patients first hand. He sought to discover why the rhythm method had such a high failure rate. His interests in astrology led him to ancient writings which stated that "women are fertile during a certain phase of the moon"...

Dr Jonas continued to study and research these theories under a great deal of opposition and ridicule. The scientific community had difficulty (and still do) coming to grips with his theories as they were based on astrology or cosmobiology. (Cosmobiology is concerned with the demonstrable and physiological effects of certain planetary bodies rather than the interpretation of symbology of the planets.)

Dr Jonas' clinical studies were based on the premise that the natal lunar fertile time was the only time a woman would conceive - he did not take into account mid-cycle or hormonal ovulation. Astra International, a private clinic in Vienna using Dr Jonas' single fertile time premise had a success rate of 80 - 85% contraception if abstinence is practiced only during lunar fertile times.

Another doctor - Dr Rechnitz applied Dr Jonas' theories independently. Being a director of a women's clinic in Budapest, he was greatly interested in the possible patterns in the times of conception, viability of pregnancy, sex selection and a more reliable form of non invasive contraception. Combining Dr Jonas first rule with knowledge of mid cycle or hormonal ovulation and developing a two fertile time rule, Dr reichnitz used this two fertile time rule in studies, these tests produced a 98% success rate for birth control. Compare this to user success rates of other common forms of birth control - condoms 93 - 98%, Pill 93 - 99%, Diaphragm 80 - 97%.

In 1970, Astra's scientific board evaluated the results of a survey done by 1252 women using the two fertile time method - the success rate was 97.7%.

Whilst more comprehensive scientific research needs to be done to provide more statistical evidence of these findings, the existence of the lunar phase phenomena cannot be ignored. Whether it is used to avoid or achieve pregnancy it is a valuable noninvasive tool that all women can use to improve their fertility management.

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By Nadia MacLeod