Free Guide - How to recognise Your Body's Fertility Clues

How does FEC work?

Women, just like human beings in general, are capable of expressing many different facets of their personalities. We are not just one role or another, even though in the past we have been strongly encouraged to limit ourselves to the roles of Wife and Mother (just as men have been equally constrained in their roles as provider, macho man etc).

We are limitless. In truth we are Wife and we are Mother. We are Lover, Daughter, Warrior, Teacher, Sister, Healer, each one at a time and in essence all of these all the time to lesser and greater degrees.

We choose which personality to express at any time and we all have the potential to develop and express different Goddesses or archetypes at different times in our lives.

Generally, most of us resonate more strongly with a particular group of archetypes than another .

Some Goddesses are very strong within our psyche or our culture and others are not.  We also change our preferences for for which archetype we express at any time. For example, the change from Wife to Mother.

Women also change their personalities or behaviour monthly; with and through the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle offers women the unique ability to try out at least four different, primary archetypes in their lives, if not on an external level than at the very least to be expressed and experienced within.

These four archetypes of the Female Energy Cycle are:

  • Virgin
  • Mother
  • Enchantress
  • Crone

They simulate the moons journey (or the lunar cycle), and have within them recognisable and particular behavioural traits. The diagram on the next page gives a brief description of the phases and where they occur within the menstrual cycle.

Each month a woman will experience changes in the way she perceives herself and her world in accordance to where she is in her menstrual cycle and which archetype is expressing itself through her life.

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By Nadia MacLeod