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Book Reviews

Books are often a source of great knowledge and great inspiration. I know that they have been for me, especially in the area of natural health. So I thought I would list a few in no particular order.

Woman - An intimate Geography by Natalie Angiers (ISBN: 0385498411)
A really interesting book which helps you to appreciate the complexity and beauty of the female body. Available through your favourite bookstore or online.

Women, Hormones and the Menstrual Cycle:Herbal and medical solutions from adolescence to menopause. by Ruth Trickey (ISBN: 186508980X)
An essential text for all health care professionals involved in the treatment of gynaecological complaints. It is also a valuable addition to any woman's library to allow her to participate in her own health care and equip her with the relevant questions for doctors and natural therapists alike. More

A Blessing not a Curse by Jane Bennett (ISBN: 1863513000)
This book offers a mother-daughter guide to the transition from child to woman. In her sensitive book for parents, Jane Bennett dispels the notion of the curse, replacing it with a positive and enlightened view of menarche and menstruation. With practical advice on how to explain menstruation to your daughter, help her cope with mood swings and pain, as well as handle such issues as contraception, you can feel confident that your daughter will have an affirming experience of menstruation. A blessing not a Curse

The Wild Genie by Alexandra Pope (ISBN: 1863512799)
The Wild Genie presents a unique approach to menstruation that moves beyond biology, to look at the psychological and spiritual elements and restore a dignity and deeper meaning to a woman's cyclical nature.It is a self-care guide for all women, not just for those who suffer menstrual problems but also for all who wish to maintain optimum wellbeing. Wild Genie

Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by Dr Christianne Northrup (ISBN: 074991484X)
A must have for every womans bookshelf that helps you to look at your body as a combination of many facets. Going beyond the purely physical, it includes emotional and spiritual aspects of your life and 'shows you how to heal yourself by listening to your body's own wisdom'. Available in bookshops and online.

Natural Fertility by Francesca Naish (ISBN: 1863510540)
This book clearly outlines fertility choices for women of every age. It explains clearly how the menstrual cycle works, explores the pros and cons of different contraception options, explains natural fertility methods including lunar fertility, looks at common ailments and offers lots of practical advice. Available in bookshops and online through us.

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By Nadia MacLeod