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Healthy Menstrual Diet

Diet plays a large role in determining hormonal and menstrual health. If your body is depleted in nutrients, you will have a difficult time maintaining balance both physically and emotionally.

Menstrual problems are often due to hormonal imbalance.

Hormones essentially run your whole menstrual cycle as well as many other bodily functions. It is the balance between the hormonal levels that is critical. See

For example - having low Progesterone levels can lead to breakthrough bleeding, subfertility and miscarriage.

Women often are not taught what it is they need to eat to maintain good menstrual health. Get the facts here

Eating well can be challenging when you are busy - If you find it difficult to eat well consistently - invest in a good quality women's mulit-vitamin that is formulated to assist menstrual cycles. Many of these contain the vitamins and minerals women need plus herbs to balance and regulate your cycle.

Herbs that balance hormone levels:

Chasetree - corrects progesterone deficiencies, lengthens cycles, reduces PMS symptoms.

False Unicorn Root - Uterine tonic containing plant oestrogens restores normal reproductive function.

Sarsaparilla - contains progesterone and testoterone.

Saw palmetto - assists with ovarian dysfunction

Dong quai- regulates cycles and reduces painful symptoms

Squa Vine - increases flow, uterine tonic

Shepherds Purse - decreases blood flow

This is just a brief list, to give you an idea of some of the herbs available with multi vitamins, Chasetree and Dong quai seem to be most common.

Do not self medicate with large doses of herbs. If you have a serious or long standing irregularity seek professional help. If you are currently using something that has really helped your symptoms, let me know and I will let everyone else know.


By Nadia MacLeod