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Chart menstrual cycle with Moon Diary

Keeping track of your menstrual cycle is easy with the gorgeous 2005 Moon Diary.

The Moon Diary contains:

  • moon phase dates and times
  • menstrual calendar that illustrates the lunar phases - keep track of your cycle with ease.
  • astrological transits including void of course.
  • week at a glance so you can plan ahead
  • completely handwritten - a diary with personality.
  • illustrated throughout celebrating womanhood and creativity
  • Contains lots of info on lunar lore.
  • size 13 cm x 17 cm - big enough to be useful small enough to fit in your bag
  • wire spiral bound - pages turn easily and the diary will keep its shape and last the distance throughout the year.

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Women have been using the moon as a tool to keep track of their cycles for literally, ages. Your period is highly affected by the moons movement so it is a natural thing to do. The beauty of knowing which phase of the moon you bleed with is:

  • It is a potent visual reminder - all you need to do is look at the calendar and you can see which phase of the moon you are bleeding with. By observing the pattern that starts to emerge you can estimate and observe your fertile times as well. Its a good idea to note down fertile times on your calendar - use a different coloured pen to make it really stand out.which phase of the moon it is.
  • Teaches you to look at the moon outside - Reinforce your connection with the moon by getting into the habit of looking outside aswell.
  • It can be an effective regulation tool - the moon naturally rules your menstrual cycle. By tuning into it - knowing which phase you bleed or ovulate on, and by taking the time to look at the moon outside, you bring an awareness to yourself and your body. If you currently have an irregular cycle tuning into the moon like this can help to regulate it back to a normal 29 days again.
  • Helps you keep track of natal lunar phase. If you know which natal lunar phase you were born under then using a lunar menstrual calendar is essential. You can mark down your lunar fertile days on this calendar and keep track of all your fertile times in a month. If you don't know your lunar fertile times or need to know you can change your cycle so you only have one fertile time per month see Personal Lunar Fertility Guide

Each Moon Diary contains a Menstrual Calendar for the whole year showing the four main phases of the moon - View of menstrual calendar inside Moon Diary

  • New
  • First Quarter
  • Full
  • Third (Last) Quarter
  • All you need to do is circle the date of the first day of your cycle each month that is, first day of bleeding and you have an accurate record of your menstrual cycle.

View of moon diary pagesIn the week at a glance - daily diary section each lunar phase is notated as well as listing which astrological sign the moon is in.

The Moon Diary contains many tid-bits of information covering lunar lore, myth and ritual.

There is plenty of room to list appointments and room at the back of the diary to list names and addresses or other important information.

By Nadia MacLeod