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Cloth Pads and Panty Liners

Say Goodbye to Costly Disposable Sanitary Pads Forever!

You don't have to spend a fortune on pads that end up in landfill every month because there is a better way.

Why use cloth menstrual pads?

After all, you are used to using disposable menstrual pads - you like their convenience - so why change?

Cloth Pads - What's in it for me?

It's a fair question - you enjoy the convenience of using disposables so why should you switch to the cloth menstrual pad alternative?

Leakproof Period Underwear

White Night Period Underwear will keep your sheets and clothes clean and save you the hassle of being on menstrual stain removal duty.

What women are saying

Hi Nadia,

How to use cloth Panty Liners

Using Pleasure Puss cloth pads really is simple.

Sizes and Colours

Pleasure Puss Cloth Pads are available in 4 different sizes, 4 different fabrics and various colours for AU$13.50 each

Cloth Pad FAQ

I'm a bit concerned about Hygiene... are washable pads safe ?

How many do I need?

How many Pleasure Puss reusable cloth pads you need really depends on your individual menstrual cycle.

What about hygeine?

Some women think that using cloth re-usable pads is not hygeinic - that its unclean, dirty and gross!

Caring for your pads

Caring for your Pleasure PussĀ® cloth pads really is very easy and takes up very little of your time.

Cloth Menstrual Pad Wholesale Enquiries

Looking for a new environmental product to add to your retail shop, online shop or natural therapies practise?

Feminine Hygiene Alternatives

Are you tired of all the feminine hygiene advertisements that just have nothing to do with who you are? or what your personal experience is?

By Nadia MacLeod