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PMS Friend or Foe?

The term PMS or PMT is given to the mostly unpleasant symptoms women can experience from ovulation till the onset and onwards of their bleeding - things like bloating, mood swings, cramps, acne etc.

Some more on PMS

The way women are effected at the lead up to their period is as individual as themselves, but there are many common symptoms.  One thing is sure, that the imbalance in hormones can certainly stir things up.   Everything seems to become far more intense.

Beating the menstrual blues.

Sometimes it all gets too much, it feels as if the world is closing in on you.  Nothing is going right.  Your body may be bloated and breast aching, maybe your not sleeping.  You just can't seem to keep things under control.

PMS Types

Most women experience some form of PMT in our modern world. It is due, I think, to busy schedules, poor diet, stress and lack of quality individual self-care time. Cyclic behavior is simply not acknowledged in this male dominated world so it can be difficult to give yourself the rest and time out that you need in the pre menstrual phase.

PMS and Orgasms

Did you know that the female orgasm is one of the best remedies against PMS and period pain? Whilst probably not scientifically studied it is a phenomenon that I have discovered in my own life, as I am certain many other women also have.

The Tao of Reducing PMS

Our generation on average is enjoying the longest life span in history. Today's woman has a whole new lease on life. We are not only interested in living longer; we want to live better. For women, this means, having a menstrual cycle that does not bring pain or an extreme loss of energy every month.

Relieve Period Pain with Warmth

Hotteeze Stick - On heat pads are perfect for those times when you need a steady supply of heat to relieve period pain, muscular aches, cramps and general discomfort.

Vitamins give PMS relief

A good quality Mulit Vitmain can assit to regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce PMS symptoms. Just like any body system, the hormonal system requires optimum nutrition to function properly.

Biogest Herbal Skin Cream for the relief of PMS symptoms

Todays' modern lifestyle for most women often means stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and too little time to nurture you. This often results in the varying symptoms of PMS / PMT as you approach your period each month.

By Nadia MacLeod