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What are goji berries?

Legend has it that Goji berries (Lycium barbarum eleganus) were discovered by a doctor studying an ancient society living in a remote region of the Tibetan Himalayas.

He found that some members of this society lived long lives up to 100 years or more, in good health, they had no grey hair, and never lost their teeth. Eventually he recognized that all of these centenarians lived near certain water wells over which grew Goji berry vines. As the berries ripened, they fell into the water wells where their nutrients dissolved in the water which was subsequently drunk by the people living nearby. It became clear that the berries added something to the water which made those who drank it robustly healthy and live to a ripe old age.

Legend further has it that Li Qing Yuen, who allegedly lived from 1678 to 1930 (age 252) ate a diet consisting mainly of Goji berries. The story of Li Qing Yuen has reinforced the belief that Goji berries can significantly extend life and benefitting their long-held reputation as a highly beneficial anti-aging food. To this day, there is an annual 2 week festival to celebrate its many health-giving properties.

About Goji Berry and its Health Benefits

Traditional Chinese medicine has long used goji berries (called Gou Qi Zi)
to treat Yin blood deficiency, tonify the liver and kidneys, balance blood sugar conditions, improving circulatory afflictions, strengthen eye function, and fortify sexual performance.

Dr. Earl Mindell (R.Ph., M.H., Ph.D.) outlines a huge list of goji benefits in his book "Goji: The Himalayan Health Secret" including strengthening the immune system, boosting energy, reduction of free-radical damage in the body (anti-oxidant effect), stimulating optimism & well-being, curbing appetite/overeating, and quality of life extension.

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By Nadia MacLeod