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Why Maca Vegecaps?

What's different about Maca Power VegeCapsules?? Everything!!

  • The ONLY Certified Organic Maca in capsules (Non-irradiated & chemical free)

  • VEGEcapsules (no bovine gelatine - suitable for vegetarians)

  • 50% MORE MACA per capsule for the same price !!! (100 capsules x 800mg/ea is equivalent to 145 standard caps in other brands)

  • Certified Organic GUARANTEED no pesticides, no herbicides, and maximum mineral/vitamin content. Most importantly we are NON IRRADIATED, as this contravenes the organic convention. This common packaging procedure can diminish product quality by 30-60% -Our carefully temperature controlled processing prevents oxidisation and rancidity, especially of heat sensitive vitamins & EFA's, which explains the pale colour & sweet taste (vs. 'toasted' and bitter)

  • Compare our 2 year use-by date to our competitors - you wouldn't keep flour in the pantry for 4 years! We also have our product milled-to-order, then airfreighted (vs. seafreight) to maximize freshness and potency, and minimize exposure to heat, light, bacteria and other deteriorating factors

  • Our capsules are made of vegetable cellulose, NOT bovine gelatine (derived from cows) like all other brands.Therefore Maca Power® is the only 'Vegetarian/Vegan-friendly' Maca capsule AND safe for anyone concerned about transmission of Mad Cow's Disease (CJD)

  • Maca Power price Maca, both powder and capsules, so everyone who could benefit from its power could afford it.

Maca Vege Capsules

Or Get your Maca in Capsule form - Each Maca Power® VegeCap contains 50% more Maca per capsule (approximately) than most other brands.

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By Nadia MacLeod