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The Optimized Woman

The Optimized Woman is a new book by Miranda Gray author of Red Moon. Optimized Woman spells out how you can use your menstrual cycle to achieve success and fulfillment.

"This is a truly wonderful must read book for every woman regardless of age. It offers truly practical and down to earth insight to help women understand their own natures. This book helps you to accept your individuals gifts and limitations, opening the door to happiness." - Nadia - owner of

The menstrual cycle is one of the most impactful The Optimized Woman by Miranda Grayinfluences on a woman's life and in this book it takes its rightful place as a powerhouse of resources for women to create well-being, fulfillment, success and the life they desire.

The little recognised secret lies in Optimum Times, days of enhanced skill sets which can be practically applied to work and business situations, relationships and personal well-being.

Most women are unaware that they have an inherently cyclic nature - due to their menstrual cycle - which influences their thinking, skill levels, expectations, needs and emotions.

Working against this nature is the reason so many women fail to reach their full potential or fail to feel completely happy and fulfilled.

Miranda Gray outlines the cyclic nature of women's perception and abilities and how they fit within the emotional, mental and physical changes of the menstrual cycle.

She offers a flexible 28 day plan of Optimum Time practical activities to be applied in each day to the areas of goal-achievement, work enhancement and personal well-being. The plan is adaptable and can be used by any woman with a cycle, whether natural or medically managed.

Miranda Gray helps you to take the powerhouse of resources which is your menstrual cycle and create an effective tool for excelling in everyday life and in your work, career and goals.

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The book includes:

  • Practical daily actions for self-development, goal achievement and work enhancement
  • How to recognize your own unique Optimum Times and skills
  • Understanding your cyclic nature
  • Summary sheets of what works well to exceed expectations and strategies for what doesn't
  • Work and goal achievement approaches
  • How to plan to excel in the month ahead
  • How to create the ultimate work / life balance
  • Creating your own, on-going, flexible monthly plan for success

Using the daily plan with irregular or medically managed cycles

Don't try any self-development, lifestyle regimes or achievement techniques without first reading this book. It will increase your ability to suceed!

Thank you to Miranda from for allwoing me to reproduce this information.

By Nadia MacLeod