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Never buy Pads Again

Well, almost never....

You can do it by using Pleasure Puss Wash 'n' Wear Sanitary Pads. They last for years - anywhere between 3 - 5 years (following easy care instructions), which means you will have to buy alot less pads in your life.

So instead of going to the supermarket, steering a rabid trolley, hunting down the crowded isles and searching for your brand of pad every month - all you have to do is open your drawer and pull out your freshly laundered, comfy Pleasure Puss Pads.

You don't have to leave the comfort of your own home, find a parking spot or face the embarrassment of the check out.

Pleasure Puss Wash 'n' Wear Pads are not only more convenient but they save you lots of money.

As an example,Lets say you spend about $7.50 per month on disposable pads now, over 3 years that would add up to $290.

Investing in 6 Pleasure Puss Pads is AUD$87.00 saving you over $200 over 3 years.

What else could you buy with that $200.00??

Umm lets think - that money could be spent to:

  • subscribe to your favourite magazine,
  • have coffee and cake with a friend each month,
  • it could pay for a night away, or a special birthday treat

I bet you could find a hundred things to spend that $200 on that would give you alot more happiness than disposable pads.

How much money do you spend on disposables? Use this simple Pad Calculator to find out

By Nadia MacLeod