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Use the moon to regulate cycle

The moon is a natural choice if you are looking to regulate an irregular menstrual cycle.An average menstrual cycle should be roughly 29 days long and each month the moon takes roughly 29 days to go through its own lunar cycle. They are naturally matched and the moon can have a great deal of influence on your cycle.

In years gone past, especially before the advent of artificial light, the moon was the main influence on the female menstrual cycle. Women mostly ovulated and gave birth on the Full moon and bled on the New or Dark moon. It's just the way it was. These days however, most women have lost their connection with the moon and its influence on the cycle.

Many factors influence regularity - diet, lifestyle, stress, drugs (both prescription and recreational) are just some of the things that can throw off a menstrual cycle causing it to be too long, too short, too scant, too heavy or not at all.

A good regular menstrual cycle is important for all women. It is an indicator of a healthy fertility system, it provides you with guideposts as to when you are fertile or not, and it reduces the likelihood of pain and discomfort in a cycle.

The use of the Pill to regulate the menstrual cycle.

More and more often these days, doctors are prescribing the Oral Contraceptive Pill to women as a tool to regulate an irregular cycle. Beware of this option.

The Pill works by flooding your body with hormones - it essentially tricks your body into thinking it is already pregnant which stops ovulation from happening each cycle. Then when you take the sugar pills / stop tkaing the pills, you have a breakthrough bleed to simulate your natural period. But this is not a period.

The Pill just gives you a fake cycle.

If you already have an irregular cycle, perhaps due to a hormonal upset, then bombarding yourself with more hormones is not actually going to help your body in the long term. You get to think that you have a regular cycle because you are bleeding each month but it is not real. More often than not, when you stop taking the Pill, your irregularity is even worse as your body copes to expel the artificial hormones and tries how to remember to run its menstrual cycle unaided again.

There are natural alternatives.

There are a number of natual alternatives around to help you regain a healthy regular cycle again. For serious menstrual difficulties eg PCOS, endometriosis etc, you are probably better off seeing a qualified natural therapist who can monitor and oversee a program to suit your specific needs nad symptoms.

For shorter term irregularity there are tools like:

  • Eating Maca Powder
  • Taking a good quality multivitamin
  • Using the Moon to regulate your cycle.

We have created the Personalised Lunar Fertility Report which is based on the phenomena of lunar fertility as rediscovered by Czech psychiatrist Dr Eugene Jonas in the 1950's. Dr Jonas was a catholic who lived close to the border of Hungary where abortion was legal. Abortion had been legalised in 1956 in Hungary due to the high failure rate of the rhythm method.

The rhythm method works (or doesn't work!) by counting days in your cycle of when you are most likely to be fertile based on your menstrual cycle history. The rhythm method does not take into account mucus observation or changes and fluctuations of your cycle due to stress, sicknesse, change in routine etc - this probably contributes to its high failure rate when used as the only means of contraception.

Dr Jonas observed the frequent failure of the rhythm method and the detrimental psycholigical effects on his patients first hand. He sought to discover why the rhythm method had such a high failure rate.

His interests in astrology led him to ancient writings which stated that "women are fertile during a certain phase of the moon"... But which phase of the moon?

Through further research, study and calculation he discovered that the lunar phase at which a woman was fertile depended on the relationship between the sun and the moon at the moment she was born.

You are fertile at that time of your cycle when the moon is at the same lunar phase as when you were born.



How is your Lunar Phase calculated?

The term Lunar Phase refers to the angle between the sun and the moon. When the sun and moon are conjunct or at 0 degrees this is a New Moon. when they are opposing each other or 180 degrees this is a Full moon and all other positions in between as shown in the diagram below.

lunar phase diagram

Each individual is born under a particular moon or lunar Phase.

Each month when the moon returns to this same position (as it was at your birth) it can trigger your body to spontaneously ovulate even if this time occurs outside your normal midcycle fertile time.

Now it may not always do this, BUT THE POTENTIAL IS THERE.

Furthermore - the moon's trigger effect is increased by two factors - stress and sexual intercourse.

That is, if you are having sex during your natal lunar phase, the chances of ovulation being triggered are increased. And multiple sexual play at this time further increases this risk.

The bottom line is - If you don't want to get pregnant - you need to know when your natal lunar fertile time occurs each month. Is it occurring in line with your hormonal ovulation? Is it occurring during your period? Just before your period or just after? If you don't know then you may be taking unnecessary risks and not even know it.

When your cycle is irregular - you may often be tempted to take risks with unprotected intercourse either because you think you are infertile or you can't remember when your last period occurred and therefore don't know if you are fertile or not. This can result in unwanted pregnancy if you do have sex during your lunar fertile tme

Knowing your lunar fertile time and then building your cycle around this time each month provides peace of mind and gives your body / mind something to aim for.

We do all the calculations for you - eliminating any guesswork.

Using your personalised Lunar Guide you can have all the essential information you need about your lunar fertility and how it fits in with your current menstrual cycle.

No more risks - no more guessing - no more mistakes. Save yourself worry and anxiety by having the right information about your body.

Your Personal Lunar Fertility Guide provides you with the:

  • Calculation of your natal lunar phase angle - completely individual to you because it is calculated from your birth data.

  • Dates for your natal lunar phase fertile time for 12 months so you know each month which day you are particularly fertile.

  • Analysis of your menstrual cycle - Is your mid cycle ovulation coinciding with your natal lunar phase? Do you have one fertile time or two?

  • Information and practical exercises to help you synchronise your mid cycle ovulation to your natal lunar phase fertile time, so you only have one fertile time each month.

    By using the exercises you can retrain your body to cycle more regularly.

  • Explanation of contraceptive safety margin information - so if your natal lunar fertile time is not synchronised to your mid cycle ovulation, you know what to do to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

  • Email Support - any questions or queries - just drop us a line and you have individual and personal help on hand.

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By Nadia MacLeod