Free Guide - How to recognise Your Body's Fertility Clues

Reading Ovusight Results

Ovusight operates based on the principle that during the most fertile phase of a woman's ovulation cycle, hormonal changes occur.

As a rise in Estrogen occurs prior to and during ovulation, "ferning" crystaline patterns can be seen in a dried saliva sample. Your body is now preparing to Ovulate and this is your best time to fall Pregnant.

The following table shows you what kind of images you should see in your microscope.

Conception NOT Likely

Infertile Saliva Ferning PatternYou will see a random pattern of spots and lines indicating no ovulation.

You are NOT FERTILE at this time.


Conception is Possible but NOT likely

Possibly fertile Saliva Ferning PatternSmall patterns like the leaves of ferns begin to appear among the spots and lines. Ovulation will probably occur in 3-4 days. Conception may occur during this transitional period but is not likely.


Conception is HIGHLY LIKELY

Fertile Saliva Ferning PatternFern leaf patterns are dominant throughout the specimen. Ovulation is already occurring or is imminent and conception is HIGHLY LIKELY. This is your optimum fertile period.

Fertility lasts from 3 days before to 1 day after ovulation.


By Nadia MacLeod