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Puberty Book for Boys Tells All

I know that techinically a book on teeneage boys and puberty has nothing do with with womens health but as a mother of two pubescent boys I felt I had to include this book on our website just so you could find it.

I have personally road testedt his book - as have the boys and their friends and it has our thumbs up. In fact it has sparked conversation, curiosity and laughter in our home.

Puberty Boy is colourful, fun and factual. It's written in a simple, easy to understand style with plenty of illustrations / photos.

Real men and boys share their stories about puberty.

Puberty Boy Book Teenage Adolescent changesThis lighthearted, plain-speaking and honest book tells you what puberty is, when it happens, the stages of puberty and how boys bodies will change. Young (and not so young) boys will want to read this book because it tells it like it really is.

Puberty Boy by Geoff Price explores the thinking and emotional changes that are happening alongside the physical and even tackles how to talk to girls! There's a brain shift happening inside you at puberty and the author makes sure that you know about it and are equipped to handle it.

Puberty Boy explains the transitions that boys need to go through to become healthy young men in a unique, colourful and commonsense way. It is an essential guide for boys - and parents, carers and teachers might even find it useful as well!

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By Nadia MacLeod