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Picking a Nursing Bra

Female Breasts go through enormous changes during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, which can make picking a nursing or maternity bra challenging.

It's important to choose the right size bra not only so that you are comfortable but so your breasts get the support they need whilst not being constricted in any way.

Bravado have designed a range of original nursing bras that are soft and flexible whilst offerring your changing breasts the support they need.

They are made from a 92% cotton/ 8% spandex blend fabric allows the cup to mold to your breast and support its changing shape all day long. Unlike a 100% cotton bra, the fabric has the ability to stretch and contract to fit your breasts without becoming too tight when your breasts are full or too loose just after a feeding. This reduces the risk of mastitis and allows room for breast pads without making the bra too tight.

The Chart Below describes what happens to the breast through pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding to help you understand how to pick a nursing bra that fits you best.

picking a nursing bra is easy

  Here is our gal "Penelope Preggers" - foot loose and fancy free 3 days before she knows she's pregnant! At this point, she is wearing - and perfectly fitting - a 34B (our size S).
breast changes early pregnancy

Positively giddy ... Penelope is now 3 months pregnant and loving it! She is noticing many changes in her body, including her breasts and ribs. She is still wearing her 34B, but she is filling it out more and starting to notice it is a bit tight. She is starting to move from a 34 to a 36 and is beginning to be a C cup. She will still wear our S, but she may be more comfortable in our S+.

breast changes 6 months pregnant

Wow! 6 months pregnant and Penelope is glowing! Her belly is more pronounced and maternity clothes and maternity underwear are beginning to appear in her drawers. She is finding her breasts and rib cage are both feeling bigger, and is more of a small 36C now. She is fully into our S+.

breasts 9 months pregnant A full, radiant 9 months pregnant and almost ready to deliver. Penelope's breasts have felt a bit puffy and tender the last few weeks, and her ribs feel very pushed out. She understands that her breasts will get bigger after she delivers. She is closer to a 36D now and is still wearing her S+, but not for long!

It is now 3-4 days after Penelope has given birth and she is enjoying her baby immensely. She has been breastfeeding since birth, but today her breasts are significantly bigger and heavier than they have been. She has increased at least a full size in the cup (to a DD or more) but she feels relief in her rib cage now that the baby is born. For her nursing bra she bought a S++, and it perfectly fits her new, heavier breasts. She also feels very comfortable wearing the bra to bed at night.

breast changes after childbirth

Penelope and Baby Pam are happily working on their breastfeeding relationship, and Penelope noticed around 10-12 weeks after birth that her breasts relaxed in size and weight and she could easily wear her S+ again.

Ready to size yourself? Select Basic, Plus or Double Plus for a description of the bra features for your support level:

Need help with sizing? Click here for help on nursing bra sizing

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By Nadia MacLeod