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Ovusight FAQ's

Using your Ovusight Fertility Microscope is very simple. If you are planning to get pregnant it's important to allow yourself a couple of months to get to know the microscope and your body. It can take practise to understand your results especially if you are using your saliva results in conjunction with other fertility signals eg mucus, temperature etc.

Here are some commonly asked questions about using the Ovusight Fertility Micropscope.

When do I take the test?

It is recommended that you perform the ovulation test first thing in the morning and never after eating, drinking, smoking or even brushing your teeth. These activities will affect the salinity level of your saliva and may, as a result, give you a false reading.

What does a good saliva sample look like?

A good saliva sample is one that is free from bubbles.With practise you will become more adept at knowing how to provide a bubble free sample.

How often should I use Ovusight?

It is recommended that you use the Ovusight daily for 1-2 months and accurately record you observation.  This will inform you of your ovulation cycle.  Once you are comfortable with your body's ovulation cycle, you can stop using the on a daily basis and only begin using the Ovusight approximately 7-10 days prior to when you anticipate your next ovulation event.

How accurate is Ovusight?

Studies have shown that this procedure (studying the changes in saliva) is one of the most accurate methods of fertility testing. Ovusight is 98% accurate when used according to the instructions.

Can I use Ovusight as a contraceptive device?

That is not advisable. Since a sperm can survive for several days after intercourse you may still have a chance of becoming pregnant even if it is on a non-fertile day.

How long do I test for?

You test for as long as you ar einterested in your fertility. Initially it is receommended that you use your Ovusight every day for two months to fully understand your results. Once you are accustomed to your individual pattern, you can use the Ovusight only in the mid section of your menstrual or fertility cycle.

What is the ovulation cycle?

The ovulation cycle is the period of time which passes between your peak fertility periods. Each individual will have a different cycle and a different duration in which they are actually at their peak fertility level. This is why it is receommended that you use Ovusight for 2 months to get a feel for what your own individual pattern is.

How do I know if I'm ovulating?

Fern leaf patterns are dominant when the saliva specimen is viewed through the Ovusight scope.

What is the likelihood of conception?

When fern leaf patters are dominant, Ovulation is already occurring or is imminent and conception is highly likely. This is your optimum fertile period. Fertility lasts from 3 days before to 1 day after ovulation.

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By Nadia MacLeod