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Nursing Bra Sizes

During pregnancy, most women will increase one full size or more in both the cup and the rib band (i.e. from a 36C - 38D).

Between 48 and 72 hours after birth, your breasts will increase at least one full cup size or more (i.e. from a D to a full DD or more), while your rib cage will gradually start shrinking back to your pre-pregnancy size (i.e. from a 38 to a 36).

Our bras come in 4 rib band sizes and 3 cup styles, each with specific support features. Because your breasts will change size throughout your pregnancy, and even during the day when you are nursing, all of the sizes overlap ensuring that your Bravado stays comfortable and fits well.


Our 4 rib band sizes overlap. The following tips will guide you to the right size. If you are at the larger end of a band size, consider moving up for comfort.

If you are pregnant, ask yourself:

  • What size rib band did I wear before I got pregnant? Did it fit well?
  • How many months pregnant am I? If you are using the bra for pregnancy, your ribs will expand as the pregnancy progresses. For nursing, your ribs will likely quickly reduce in size after giving birth.
  • How high am I carrying (i.e. Is the baby tucked right up under your ribs, expanding your rib cage)?
  • How much weight has my body put on during pregnancy?
  • Is my current bra on the tightest or loosest hook? You may need more room in the rib-band - your body may have "graduated" into the next band size.

If you are breastfeeding, ask yourself:

  • Compared to the end of my pregnancy, has my rib cage reduced in size? You may need a tighter band.


If pregnant, ask yourself:

  • What size bra did I wear before I got pregnant? Did it fit well?
  • Would that bra fit me now (in my pregnancy)?
  • If not, do I need more room in the cup?

If breastfeeding, ask yourself:

  • What size bra did I wear at the end of pregnancy? Did it fit well or was I making do?
  • Would that bra fit me comfortably now, all day - and still leave room for a breast pad?
  • Do I need more room in the cup?

For a more complete description of the changes your breasts go through, click here.

Ready to commit? Refer to the size chart again and select Basic, Plus or Double Plus for a description of the bra features for your support level.

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By Nadia MacLeod