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Moontime Diary 2011 - Live better by the Moon

The Moontime Diary is based on moon phases and positions. We might not be consciously aware of how the moon influences us but as natural beings, just like the earth and tide, we feel the pull of the moon every day.

Moontime Dairy - Plan gardening, house and body care by the moonBefore the onset of electricity, allopathic medicine, chemical fertilisers and pesticides, our ancestors managed their bodies, land and work within the natural cycles of the sun and moon. Our ancestors realised through observation that daily activities like body care, house keeping and gardening have different outcomes at different times.

The Moontime Diary 2011 is about observing and choosing the right moment to act, for better results with less effort.

The Moontime Dairy has all the essential diary features and it tells you the exact moon positions and phases plus planetary movements. It explains why fine tuning is a natural option and suggests what you can do on any particular day of the year 2011. The simple prompts are pointers that assist you to fine tune to the moon.


- 136 A5 pages

- Quality Bound Colour Hard Cover 

- Printed in Australia on 100% recycled paper

Every week is displayed as a double page and states:

- The moon phase and position Click to see larger image of double page layout

- Pointers for activities aligned with the moon - body care, house care and gardening

- Three-month overview

- Astrological tables (Ephemeris) for the Southern Hemisphere.

Additional features:

- Introduction which explains why fine tuning to the moon is a natural option

- Practical and useful tables click to view larger image

- Year planner (4 pages)

- Addresses and notes (5 pages)

- Australian public and school holidays

- A chart wheel for your personal horoscope

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Care holistically for your body with the Moontime Dairy 2010

Our health depends largely on how we take care of our physical body. Nutrition, exercise and hygiene are vital to our health and self esteem. By learning about and employing simple principles we can increase our well being with less effort and better results.

For example:

While the moon is waning your body is primarily in letting go mode. Those two weeks are a very good time for fasting, as you take advantage of the detoxifying mode your body is in.

While the moon is waxing the body is primarily in absorption mode. Those two weeks are a particular good time to eat fresh organic food rich in nutrients. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be balanced more effectively now. Toxins, stimulants and fattening foods are also absorbed more easily.

If you suffer head aches or migraines avoid stimulants like caffeine, nicotine, red vine, cheeses and chocolate while the moon is waxing or full, particularly while the moon is in Aries or Pisces.

You can apply these principles

  • To cosmetics and hair care: nourishing & moisturising or deep cleansing & rejuvenating
  • To massages: relaxing, lymphatic drainage or reflex and invigorating massages
  • To exercises, meditations and mental activities and basically to all other activities.

FineFine Tune to the Moon by Using a Lunar Calendar.

The regular waxing and waning of the moon provided humans with their first time keeper for thousands of years.

Many lunar calendars by now have been replaced by the solar Gregorian calendar, whose year is based on the time it takes the earth to make a complete rotation around the sun. Some lunar calendars coexist with solar calendars, like the ancient Mayan 260 day solar calendar.

The moon used to be considered more important in daily life than the sun. Lunar calendars are still used in parts of the world, particularly by agricultural societies and in the orient. Interestingly the Islamic and the Hebrew calendars are both based on the moon.

Monday is ruled by the moon and according to mediaeval astrologers it is one of the week's luckiest days.

Keep your surroundings beautiful with the Moontime Diary 2011

Nature's ingenuity found the perfect balance for us: while the waxing moon phase brings good results in garden activities, the waning moon phase lends itself to keeping and beautifying the home environment. As the keeper of your surroundings you can use your energy and the space around you more efficiently when fine tuning to the moon. Appropriate maintenance at the right time helps you create a relaxed, beautiful and healthy atmosphere in your home.

You can take advantage of the two weeks when the moon is waning if you for example:

* Organize, maintain and repair when the moon is in an earth sign like Taurus.

* Dust or vacuum while the moon is in Gemini which is an air sign.

* Watery jobs like laundry, plumbing and water installations are favoured while the moon is in Cancer, a water sign.

* Mop timber floors and clean windows and mirrors while the moon is in Leo, a fire sign.

* Create and entertain when the moon is in Leo.

* Organize and attend to your correspondence when the moon is in Virgo,

* Beautify when the moon is in Libra.

There is a good time for everything and you can choose it.

Growing abundance in the Garden with the Moontime Diary 2011

During the waxing moon phase the earth is exhaling, the lunar gravity pulls the water up and causes seeds to swell and burst. Planting and sowing at this time helps to promote a balanced root and leaf growth. As the moon gets bigger the intensity of the reflected light encourages strong leaf growth and fruit production.

The full moon marks the change of the moon's impulse from waxing to waning and generates a strong energy. Herbs collected at this time retain more of this energy, enhancing their potency.

When the moon wanes the gravitational forces pull moisture down into the earth, the earth is inhaling. Irrigating and fertilising are especially effective when the moon is travelling through a water or earth sign. This is also a good time to cultivate your soil and to harvest.

The new moon again marks the change of impulse, this time from waning to waxing. The earth is in a resting mood. Cut sick trees back now to help them recover quickly.

It is easy to apply these principles to all gardening activities. For example when is the best time to mow the lawn? It depends on your incentive:
If you want to encourage strong and healthy regrowth mow in the waxing moon phase.
If you want to retard the growth of your lawn, because you don't want to mow so often then mow in the waning moon phase.

As the moon travels through the zodiac it spends about 2.5 days in every sign. Every sign relates to one of the elements. Each part of a plant also relates to one of these elements. The roots relate to earth, leaves to water, flowers to air and fruits to fire. It is easy to see now why it would be an excellent day for transplanting your lettuce when the moon is waxing in a water sign.

Click for larger image

Let the insights of the moon planting phases turn into a magnifying glass, that bundles your intentions together and enlarges your outcome effortlessly.

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By Nadia MacLeod