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Menstrual Wall Chart

Available for the Southern And Northern hemispheres.

Click here to buy wall chartsWomen have been using the moon as a tool to keep track of their cycles for ages. Your period is highly affected by the moons movement so it is a natural thing to do.

True to the lovingly handwritten style of the Moon Diary, the 2010 Menstrual Wallchart is a must for keeping you constantly in touch with your cycle and is now available for the Southern and Northern Hemispheres.

On this calendar the months are in 28 day columns enabling you over the course of the year, to observe how closely your own cycle follows that of the moon.

  • paper size 42cm x 29.7cm (A3)
  • moon phases & transits at a glance for the Southern Hemisphere
  • Wallchart contains information and extra hints and tips to make tracking your cycle easier.

A lunar Menstrual chart is the best calendar for keeping track of your menstrual cycle because:

  • It is a potent visual reminder - all you need to do is look at the calendar and you can see which phase of the moon you are bleeding with and by observing the pattern that starts to emerge you can estimate and observe your fertile times as well. Its a good idea to note down fertile times on your calendar - use a different coloured pen to make it really stand out..

  • Teaches you to look at the moon outside - Reinforce your connection with the moon by getting into the habit of looking outside aswell.

  • It can be an effective regulation tool - the moon naturally rules your menstrual cycle. By tuning into it - knowing which phase you bleed or ovulate on, and by taking the time to look at the moon outside, you bring an awareness to yourself and your body. If you suffer from an irregular cycle tuning into the moon like this can help to regulate it back to a normal 29 days again.

  • Helps you keep track of natal lunar phase. If you know which natal lunar phase you were born under then using a lunar menstrual calendar is essential. You can mark down your lunar fertile days on this calendar and keep track of all your fertile times in a month. If you don't know your lunar fertile times or need to know you can change your cycle so you only have one fertile time per month see Personal Lunar Fertility Guides.




By Nadia MacLeod