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Maca Nutrition Guide

Maca is packed full of nutrients, the following table contains a nutritional breakdown of Maca Powder.

200g tub

Servings per package 57
Serving Size 35g
  Quantity per serving % Daily Intake Quanitity per 100g


<1% 1542kj
368 calories
Protein <1g 1% 14.6g
Fats <1g <1% 1.9g
Carbohydrates 2.5g <1% 72.1g
Total sugars 1.1g 2% 31.3g
Sodium <5mg <1% 39mg
Potassium 60mg 2% 1700mg
Calcium 12mg 1% 351mg

Buying Guidelines

The beauty of Maca is that it is a whole food - unadulterated and pure just as nature intended food to be. With this in mind - when you buy your Maca - use these guidelines to ensure you are getting the best quality product available.

  1. Non-irradiated
  2. Careful temperature control during processing/drying means nutrient preservation, lighter colour & sweeter taste
  3. Free of grain contamination (exclusive milling facility)
  4. Organic farming methods
  5. Processed-to-order (arrives fresh milled from Peru within weeks)
  6. High protein content
  7. Grown in specially suited soils at required altitude in traditional growing region.
  8. Australian owned
  9. Cheapest bottled Maca powder available in Australia

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By Nadia MacLeod