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Journal for the Modern Godess

Journal for the Modern Goddesss - Click for larger imageThis gorgeous journal allows you to uncover the beautiful, unique and powerful Goddess that you really are through the process of writing, meditating and communicating with your inner goddess.

You are guided to focus on different aspects of your life path - the inspiration and happiness you feel, the strength and wisdom you find in times of change and the dreams and visions for your future.

Each section offers questions for women to explore as well as affirmations for moving forward.

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Journal includes meditation discOur companion guided meditation CD provides women with sacred journeys that will inspire and encourage them to create positive life patterns. This will help them to recognise and invite magic, inspiration and loving energy into their life.

The CD offers three meditations:

  • Meeting your inner Goddess
  • Releasing your fears
  • Manifesting your dreams

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By Nadia MacLeod