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Journal for the Pregnant Goddess

This beautiful journal helps you create a lasting record of your journey into motherhood. Pregnancy is a creative, flowing time where women naturally go within to connect with self and baby. It's a time of transition and change and this journal encourages and supports the honouring of this special time.

Journal for the Pregnant GoddessThe purpose of the Journal for the Pregnant Goddess is not only to encourage an expecting mother to create a beautiful network of nurturing support for herself, but also to provide a space of celebration, meditation and self discovery. It is a way to recognise yourself as the 'Pregnant Goddess' as you prepare to bring a new being into the world.

The journal cover painting (shown left) is only one of five paintings that divides the journal into sections

  • Nourishing the Pregnant Goddess
  • Secret Celebration
  • Share your Secret
  • Can't Hide it Now
  • Positive Birthing Stories and
  • Welcome to Motherhood.

The journal follows the natural flow of pregnancy, with each trimester offering words of wisdom, affirmations and blessings.

This beautiful, hard covered, spiral bound journal has 434 pages to write as much or as little as the expecting mother wants.

It also contains a companion guided meditation CD features 3 tracks recorded by Tara Spicer. It is the expecting mother's constant, through which she is guided in connecting deeply with her own mother wisdom, where she can release her fears, and prepare herself for a calm and empowering birthing experience.

The Journal for the Pregnant Goddess inspires and encourages all women to uncover their own path of 'Positive Birthing' because a positive birth experience offers a woman a great deal of confidence, wisdom and empowerment.  There is nothing more amazing than a woman bringing life into this world. The positive birth experience enriches this journey and equips the mother with great life skills and support for not only her own journey into motherhood, but for life.

We have a wonderful section on 'Postive Birth Stories' with a story about a natural birth and a story about a cesarean birth.  We also have a certified Midwife/Doula introduce the topic.

Perfect for the first time mother or any mother wishing to heal and grow as her family does with each new pregnancy - a lovely gift.

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Sample page of Journal for Pregnant Goddess

Second Trimester Image and

Third Trimester


By Nadia MacLeod