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How to Use Ovusight?

It is recommended that you perform the ovulation test first thing in the morning and never after eating, drinking, smoking or even brushing your teeth. These activities will affect the salinity level of your saliva and may, as a result, give you a false reading.

It is recommended that you use the Ovusight daily for 1-2 months and accurately record you observations. You can chart your observations in your diary, on a calendar or in fertility charting software. This way you will become very familiar with your own fertility pattern. 

Once you are comfortable with your body's ovulation cycle, you can stop using the on a daily basis and only begin using the Ovusight approximately 7-10 days prior to when you anticipate your next ovulation event.

ovusightThe Instructions for using the Ovusight follow.

The Ovusight comes complete with a booklet that explains all the necessary steps.


Step 1:  Carefully remove the OVUSIGHT lid or outer casing.
Step 2:  Carefully remove the OVUSIGHTTM optical lens from the inner housing.

Step 3: 

Carefully remove enough saliva from under your tongue, and place a drop on the surface of the optical lens. Be certain that the drop of saliva is free of bubbles and / or foam.

Allow the saliva sample to air dry completely (about 7-10 minute) before you reassemble the optical lens and housing.

Step 4: Replace the optical lens.  

Twist OVUSIGHTTM tube clockwise to turn on light source.

Step 5: Observe the test results by bringing your OVUSIGHT close to your eyes and viewing the lens through the eyepiece. Focus by carefully rotating the eyepiece to fully view the field.

Note: Study the 'Reading your Results ..'section carefully before interpreting your results.  
Step 6: Turn off light source by twisting tube counter clockwise.
Step 7: Make sure to carefully clean the lens with soft tissue or lens tissue, and replace the outercasing after each use.





By Nadia MacLeod