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How many do I need?

How many Pleasure Puss reusable cloth pads you need really depends on your individual menstrual cycle.

Ideally you should have between 6 - 10 pads available to use per cycle. This gives you enough pads to last through 2 - 3 days worth of flow.

Really Heavy Cycle 3 - 6 Maxi pads 2 Large pads 2 Medium or Small Pads
Heavy Cycle 2 - 4 Maxi Pads 2 - 4 Large pads 2 Medium or Small pads
Medium Cycle 3 Large Pads 2 Medium Pads 1 Small pads
Light Cycle Combination of Medium and Small pads

Some other factors to bear in mind when choosing your pads are:

Your height? - Taller women generally need longer pads

Your security quotient? - Some women like the re-assurance of more length in a pad and some don't. Consider your comfort and security needs.

Fast Flow / Slow Flow? - For a faster flow the Dry Touch fabric pads are best as these really suck up the flow quickly and keep you feeling drier. If your flow is slower than all the fabrics are good for you.

Pleasure Puss Pads are AU$14.50 each or save $ by buying a Value Pack

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By Nadia MacLeod