Free Guide - How to recognise Your Body's Fertility Clues

Alternative Products Catalogue

We carry a range of alternative, natural products to enhance your life.

Pleasure Puss Menstrual Wear - Sure Protection in Pure Comfort. Pleasure Puss cloth pads are the ultimate in cloth menstrual wear. Superabsorbent, superslim designs, and leakproof. Pleasure Puss Pads are easy to wear, easy to wash and come in four different sizes and many colours.

Personal Lunar Fertility Guide - Ideal for women who are using natural fertility methods or who experience minor menstrual irregularity. This report provides dates for you natal lunar phase, tips for synchronisation, analysis of your menstrual cycle and more. A must for knowing what your body is doing each month.

Conception Action Pack - Use the power of the moon to help you conceive more quickly and easily. This value packed bundle gives you all the information you need including personalised natal lunar return calculations and dates for the next 12 months.

Emergency Fertility Report - The Emergency Fertility Calculation Service is for women who:

  • are concerned about unwanted pregnancy
  • don't know when their natal lunar fertile time is
  • need to know if a high risk incident occurred during their natal lunar phase fertile time.

Hormonal Forecaster Fertility Tracking Software - download your FREE copy of this exceptional software today. Feature packed and fully customisable, Hormonal Forecaster will help you track your fertility and menstrual cycle easily and accurately.

Maca Powder - Maca, like all whole foods, is beneficial for health.Maca nutritionally supports the glands in the body to optimal function according to the individuals unique requirements.  

Natural Fertility (Book) - Covering fertility, conception, contraception, gender selection and more, this practical book is a must for every woman.

A Blessing not a Curse (Book) - A mother - daughter guide for the transition form girlhood to womanhood.

By Nadia MacLeod