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Comfort - Orthotic Insoles for work and sports shoes

Footlogics Comfort full length podiatrist designed removeable orthotic insoles are  suitable for wider / looser fitting mens and womens footwear including workboots, wider lace up shoes, runners and other athletic sports shoes. They provide biomechanical support for any sports activity including running, golf, tennis, hiking etc. 

They are an easy and cost-effective solution to heel pain, knee pain, back pain or tired, aching feet and legs.

Footlogics Comfort features Dual Layer Orthotic Technology - i.e. supportive medium-density EVA, combined with a soft 2mm Durapontex layer makes this a very comfortable orthotic insoles, providing support AND cushioning!

The diagram below shows how the insoles provide support for the foot arch and re-align the lower leg reducing fatigue. This process also supports the whole of the body stimulating healthier posture and spine alignment.

Footlogics removeable arch support insoles support arches to reduce leg fatique, aches and pain

Footlogics Comfort Shoe Inserts provide effective relief for -

  • Heel Pain, Heel Spurs (Plantar Fasciitis) - often experienced as sharp, stabbing pain at the bottom or front of the heel bone upon standing or walking after being still.

  • Ball of Foot Pain - experienced as a burning sensation in the ball of the foot. Women can be more prone to having this type of foot pain because they wear heels - See Catwalk Insoles for High Heels

  • Achilles Tendonitis - pain experinced just above the heel often extending into the back of the calf muscles.

  • Knee Pain - often experienced as a crunching or grinding sensation in the knee especially upon movement after being still.

  • Low Back Pain - experienced as a dull ache and tiredness in the lower back and

  • many other complaints such as tired, aching feet and legs. For more detailed information on these types of condition and to learn more about the causes of arch and foot pain please see

The Footlogics Comfort Biomechanical Orthotic Insert for mens and womens shoes is engineered to suit the human body. They are

  • shaped inserts to fit easily into most types of wider / looser fitting shoes.

    If you need an insole for medium to high heels see the Catwalk Insoles, and for low heeled dress shoes or loafers see Casual Insoles

  • Dual Layer Footbed Technology - a combination of firm EVA plus 2mm of soft, cushioning Durapontex providing support and comfort.

  • extra deep heel cup for extra stability and shock absorption

  • biomechanically- shaped arch support to control over-pronation. This means the design of the insoles act upon your body to change its alignment.
  • Metatarsal support to help relive and prevent Ball of Foot Pain

  • covered with soft, velour type anti bacterial fabric so your feet stay dry and cool.

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By Nadia MacLeod