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Feminine Hygiene Alternatives

Are you tired of all the feminine hygiene advertisements that just have nothing to do with who you are? or what your personal experience is?

What about the woman using her sanitary pad to clean up after a dead body? Nice thought for those PMS challenged but hardly realistic.

Or the ads of those bright young things using tampons bouncing around when you know you just don't bounce during menstruation.

All these media images serve to make most women feel inadequate and resentful that somehow their experience of their menstrual cycle doesn't fit society.

Most women know that they need quiet and rest during their menses, and most women would desire to be free of the pressure of having to pretend that their bleeding doesn't exist. We would all like to get away from the mad pace of the world for a couple of days a month without feeling inadequate..

Well, with all this mind and with the aim to promote freedom for women to honour what they need to do when they menstruate. We have gathered together a few alternatives to the feminine hygiene products commercially available.

We guarantee they will

  • save your money
  • save your body
  • save the earth
  • and save your time

without sacrificing any of the comfort or protection you have come to expect and demand.

And what's more by choosing to use these alternative products you will be taking control of how you want your menstrual experience to be. Opting out of the system as it were. No longer obliged to consume repeatedly month after month.

So if you want to curl up in bed with a good book so be it, or if you want to go swimming and frolicking, you can do that too... The choice is yours!

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By Nadia MacLeod