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Ezy Nappy

Ezy Nappies are no longer available but there are many tailored cloth nappies on the market now which are kind to babies bottoms and the environment.

Tailored Cloth nappies are designed to be outgrown not outworn.

These type of nappies usually have touch dry soft and comfortable fleece liner that is gentle on your babies delicate skin, whilst the absorbent wadding soaks up liquid waste with great efficiency. The waterproof liner keeps babies clothes dry and the snug fit stops leakage.

Ezy Nappy's user friendly features include:

  • No folding or pins - saving you time and pain, nappy changing time is quick - a real bonus when trying to change squirming inquisitive babies.
  • Not bulky or restrictive so your baby enjoys their normal range of movement in comfort.
  • Compact to store and carry around.
  • Brightly coloured outer fabric - choose from blue, purple, and white.
  • Stylish design - no pilchers needed.

Kind to Babies Health

Here are a few tips to help reduce the incidence of leakage.

  • fit nappy correctly
  • change nappy when soiled!
  • do not tuck your baby's singlet inside the waistband of the nappy - it will only help to wick the urine onto baby's clothing.
  • adjust the waistband as snugly as possible.
  • ensure the leg area is snug by moulding the leg edge into the baby's crutch area - this contains the moisture within the nappy.

What about Nappy rash?

Ezy Nappy receive many inquiries about nappy rash and cloth nappies. Contrary to advertisers' claims, nappy rash has nothing to do with wetness. Most babies are not bothered by a wet nappy at all, although some find it itchy when teething. Nappy rash arises when urine comes into contact with the bacteria in pooh, producing ammonia. The type of nappy worn is irrelevant as a cause of nappy rash. The best remedy against nappy rash is changing baby often.


Keeping baby's nappy hygienic is simple and easy.

  • It is essential to wash the nappy before use.

  • Tip solids into the toilet bowl and flush, rinse the nappy thoroughly under warm water - Pooh just rolls straight off the fleece inner.

  • Close Velcro® fasteners securely, and turn the nappy inside out.

  • Wash with baby's usual wash, adding sanitizer, vinegar or tea tree oil to final rinse to deodorize. DO NOT use chlorine bleaches or detergents containing bleach! - this weakens the materials and is not safe for baby, and bleaches remove the beautiful colours.

  • Ezy Nappy MUST be SPUN-DRY- this minimizes drying time.

  • When line-drying the nappy, turn inside out and close one of the Velcro® tabs around the line OR Tumble dry on medium heat, remembering to keep the Velcro® tabs closed and the nappy turned inside out.

Never use fabric softeners - this leaves a coating on the material which will decrease the absorbency. It is also not healthy for baby's tender bottom. Avoid using creams and oils as these clog the fabric fibres and the nappy looses all absorbent value.

In a nutshell - tip, rinse, wash, dry - Now that's easy!!

Full washing and drying instructions are provided, which include an environmentally friendly sanitizing option.


By Nadia MacLeod