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Cloth Pad FAQ

I'm a bit concerned about Hygiene... are washable pads safe ?

Please go to our hygeine page

What about the staining? do they really wash out?

The best way to deal with staining is not give the stain time to set. By rinsing or soaking your pads in cold water as soon as possible you will find staining is minimal. Adding salt to the soaking water will also help eliminate stains.

Oxygen Based whiteners like Oxy Boost are also great . We do not recommend using bleach as chlorine bleach will chorten the lifespan of your pads..

But won't cloth pads smell?

No? If you change your pad regularly just as you would your disposable you will avoid any unpleasant odour. In fact many women report feeling much fresher using clean cloth pads.The great thing about Pleasure Puss pads is you won't be concerned about the cost every time you change your Pad.

Change them as often as you like and you'll feel much fresher - the purse is also great if you are out and about.

How absorbent are Pleasure Puss pads?

Cloth Pads have come a long way. Pleasure Puss Pads are a one piece design containing a special adsorbent core which means they cope very well with most types of menstrual flow.

But what about leaks?

Pleasure Puss have a leakproof layer running the length and breadth of the pad - take a look at this diagram and see how the stay dry layer protects from any accidents - saving your clothes, and helping you to feel confident that your pad will not let you down.

Of course changing you pads regularly will also assist minimising leaks

What about post-Partum can I use my Pleasure Puss pads after childbirth.

Your Pleasure Puss pads are excellent for post - partum use, Lets face it, you've just bought a new life into the world and it is a great time to be thinking about the future you will leave your children.

For post partum or heavier flow we recommend the Maxi size pad in Dry Touch fabrics.

How many pads do I need ?

Please go to the How many do I need? page


By Nadia MacLeod