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Catwalk Insoles for High Heels

Say goodbye to tired aching feet, legs and lower back by using Catwalk Orthotic Insoles. These specially made removeable arch supports represent the ultimate in walking and standing comfort for womens fashion shoes.

You can use Catwalk Insoles with high heels, sandals, pumps and boots which will turn you normal fashion shoes into the best and most comfortable shoes for you to wear everyday.

How does Footlogics 'Catwalk' help relieve sore feet for women?

When you walk or stand in high heels, or any heel really, most of your body weight is placed on the front of your feet, causing the forefoot structure to collapse. This excess force and friction leads to common conditions like ball of foot pain, burning sensation under the foot (Metatarsalgia), callous & corns, even aching legs!

Developed and manufactured in Spain Catwalk insoles support the arch and forefoot and re-distribute your bodyweight. This greatly reduces the excess force on the forefoot, thereby providing lasting relief and comfort.

Catwalk orthotic insoles are made of special high-memory patented materials, designed to cushion and support at the same time, adding even more walking comfort, especially under the ball of the foot.

Diagram showing how Catwalk removeable arch supports redistribute body weight to provide comfortable shoes for womenWearing Heels causes the forefoot to collapse because all your bodyweight is concentrated on small part of your body, that is the ball of your foot . Catwalk re-distributes your body weight allowing it to be spread more evenly across your foot reducing pain and discomfort.

Footlogics Catwalk is a biomechanical insole - this means it has an influence on the way you walk and stand making it more than just a standard removeable arch support. The Catwalk Orthotic Insoles for Womens Dress Shoes are engineered to suit the female body and provide ultimate walking and standing comfort.

  • longitudinal arch support which extends across the foot and along the foot to provide support to the ball of foot.
  • cushioning anti-odour velour cover keeps your feet cool and dry
  • slim-line design to suit most types of womens fashion dress shoes, including high heels, pumps, sandals and boots
  • adhesive under heel to keep your Catwalk Insoles in place and stop them sliding forward
  • all black barely noticeable design

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Other products in the range - The Footlogics Comfort and Footlogics Casual - which product is right for you??

CatwalkMedium to High Heels (anything above 1cm heel), narrow shoes, sandals, pumps and boots.

Casual Orthotic InsoleFlat or low heeled shoes, wider fitting womens shoes (eg moccasins orloafers) Footlogics Casual


Comfort InsolesWorkboots, runners, athletic footwear, golf shoes - any shoes that is deeper or looser fitting - usually lace ups go to Footlogics Comfort





By Nadia MacLeod