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Bravado Original Comfy Nursing Bras

Don't buy uncomfortable, rigid and outdated maternity underwear because now you can wear a super comfortable nursing bra that supports your changing breasts and looks good too.

Bravado have been making nursing or maternity bras since 1992, and have designed three different bras, each with unique features, to support different breast sizes and shapes.

All the sizes overlap. The right bra for you depends on whether you are about to deliver, have just had your baby, or if you have been breastfeeding for a few months. You can wear your Bravado Bra longer - through pregnancy, birth and beyond - its not just a bra for breastfeeding.

Breasts that are making milk have unique needs.

They change shape and size regularly and need to be held securely but wibra cup opens fully allowing easy access for breastfeedingthout constriction. Nursing bras that constrict breasts (eg underwires or other rigid structures) contribute to milk duct blockage which can cause painful mastitis.

Bravado bras have no rigid sructures - the bras are soft and flexible. They are made from a 92% cotton/ 8% spandex blend fabric allows the cup to mold to your breast and support its changing shape all day long. Unlike a 100% cotton bra, the fabric has the ability to stretch and contract to fit your breasts without becoming too tight when your breasts are full or too loose just after a feeding. This reduces the risk of mastitis and allows room for breast pads without making the bra too tight.

Each Original Nursing Bra has the following benefits:

Extra Wide Sports Back for maximum support and comfort* Breasts that are full of milk can get really heavy so you need to have a bra that spreads the load so that you don't get a sore back or shoulders. The Bravado Sports bra styled back that provides excellent upper-middle back support and holds straps in place.

bravado snaps lie flat under clothing*Snaps that lie flat under close fitting clothing and can be opened and closed with one hand which is handy when you have a squirming hungry baby ready for a feed.

*Cups that drop fully away from breast, giving your baby complete access.

* Adjustable shoulder straps

* Wide under elastic that provides even weight distribution and under-breast support and doesn't ride up or slip.

The Original Nursing Bra comes in 3 Styles - Basic, Plus and Double Plus.

The Original Nursing Bra offers super-comfortable support while you are establishing a breastfeeding relationship with your baby. 

It's the perfect nursing bra for the first several months of breastfeeding when it seems like your breasts are changing size every hour - and they are!   

After that, The Original Nursing Bra is ideal for wearing at night or when you just want something fabulously comfy.

The Original Nursing Bra fits 32B to 46G, and each size accommodates several cup and band sizes to support your changing shape all day long.

For information on Sizes and colours click here

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By Nadia MacLeod