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Blessing not a Curse

This unique book helps mothers guide their daughter through Puberty.

Author Jane Bennett dispels the notion of menstruation being a curse, replacing it with a positive and enlightened view of menarche and menstruation.

This is a must have title for Mums wanting to bring their daughters forward into the world of menstruation without fear and embarrassment but with a healthy respect for the wonders of their body.

blessing"A girls first period is a special time - a time to be honoured. It is perhaps her most important rite of passage."

Packed with practical advice to make your daughters transition to womanhood easier for you both. You'll feel confident knowing that you have done everything you can to ensure that your daughter will have an affirming experience of menstruation.

Contents include:

  • Honouring menstruation.

  • Our cycling bodies: A natural rhythm; The menstrual cycle

  • Blessing or curse? Curse; Blessing ; Lifting the curse.

  • Rite of passage. Your own experience; Puberty unfolds; Menarche; The gear

  • Problem periods. A stress sensitive health meter; Common menstrual problems; Treating menstrual problems; Finding professional help.

  • Learning to ride the menstrual cycle. Supporting your daughter; Establishing and maintaining menstrual wellness; Self help therapies.

  • The blessing.

  • Appendix. Contacts and resources.

  • References.

  • Recommended reading.

Available through Amazon - A Blessing Not a Curse: A Mother-Daughter Guide to the Transition from Child to Woman (Milner Health) (paid link)

About the Author: Jane Bennett

With a background in social work and hypnotherapy, Jane Bennett is National Coordinator of Natural Fertility Management. She is particularly interested in transforming inherited views of embarrassment and shame around menstruation to a positive and empowering experience, and helping women tune into the cycles of nature through their own menstrual cycles. Herself a mother and daughter, she is passionate about working with girls and young women and since 2000 has been running A Blessing Not a Curse workshops for mothers and daughters.

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By Nadia MacLeod