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Why choose Pro-Ma

Pro-Ma Systems are an Australian Direct Marketing Company that have operated for over 20 years (see below). They have created an exceptional range of nutritional supplements called Optimum Health which provide:

  • a complete system to replenish deficiencies, support body systems and enhance vital functions. We offer a simple, yet complete answer for the health of the entire family.

  • Cutting edge formulas, developed through research from scientifically proven clinical data to ensure reliable and effective products.

  • Synergistic formulas that combine the highest quality sources of natural herbs and bio-available vitamins and minerals.

  • A commitment to provide ingredients that are free from genetic modification, irradiation and artificial preservatives, colours, flavours and sweeteners.

  • Each product is manufactured under strict quality controlled conditions, in an environment operating to a level of compliance with the TGA - Therapeutic Goods Administration and the GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices Code for Medicinal Products.

  • Exclusive, all Australian products.

  • Cost effective products comparable to the highest quality Professional Naturopathic ranges.

  • The convenience of in-home shopping, online shopping and automatic ordering, making good health even easier to attain and maintain.

  • Pro-Ma Systems' efficient staff are just a toll-free phone call away, providing ongoing customer service to every Optimum Health customer.

  • Pro-Ma Systems stands behind the quality of the Optimum Health products and guarantees total customer satisfaction.

About Pro-Ma

In May 1983, Pro-Ma Systems commenced its operation with just four employees, in a small office on the Gold Coast, Australia. Established by Val and Sandra Fittler, their vision was to build a Company that would give people both personal and finanical freedom. Today, that vision is a reality. Welcome to Pro-Ma Systems.

With the eagle as the Company's logo symbolizing strength and boldness, Pro-Ma Systems, an acronym for Professional Marketing Systems was established as a business for people. Built on the desire to see others improve themselves personally and financially, and for families to build financial security and a better way of life, the Company pursued its founding philosophy in creating business opportunities within the Direct Sales environment.

Today, as one of the largest privately owned, family operated Companies within the Direct Sales Industry in Australia, Pro-Ma Systems has firmly established itself as a dynamic, but secure opportunity for financial self reliance. With well over 450 products, diverse as skincare, designer jewellery and accessories, nutritional supplements, automotive additives and household cleaning products, people with different backgrounds have found opportunity and fulfilment in the marketing and income opportunities offered by Pro-Ma Systems.

Pro-Ma Systems multi-million dollar, world headquarters and manufacturing facility is located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, with national offices spanning several other countries. Incorporating an administration centre, distribution facility, training and conference rooms, manufacturing operation, photography and sound studios, this world class complex facilitates the growth of independent businesses worldwide.



By Nadia MacLeod