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Menopause Treatment

Many women feel a variety of menopausal signs and symptoms which can make Menopause very uncomfortable. Fortunately there are a number of different options that will help you manage and reduce any discomfort during the change of Life.

What can you do about Menopause Symptoms and Discomfort

Allow yourself a little weight gain... it is good for your oestrogen levels, your bones and provides extra padding.

Find a good supportive partner / friend / friends

Get the information you need - attend seminars, read books, talk to a health professional, allopathic and alternative. There are many alternatives out there aswell as a wealth of information - any of which can make all the difference to how you feel.

This ebook How To Conquer Menopause contains a great deal of good information regarding menopause.

You may need to make changes in your lifestyle reviewing areas of nutrition, exercise, smoking and drinking. The hormonal changes in Menopause put strain on your body. Therefore your body will need extra help to regain balance. 

Eating a diet high in fresh raw foods, and minimising processed foods is essential. You may want to add a good multi vitamin to your diet or add Maca Powder. Maca Powder is an excellent and inexpensive addition to your diet see relieve Menopause Symptoms with Maca Powder

Exercise get the blood circulating, relieves stress and keeps the body in good working order. Get moving.

There are alternative therapies like herbal or vitamin supplements, homeopathy, kineseology and acupuncture to name a few. Natural therapies are often the best non invasive form of medicine that will help you feel better without side effects.

Take up regular spiritual practise.

There is also Hormone Replacement Therapy or Surgery.

I would like to thank Dr Christine Ahern from Womens Health Matters in Lismore 02 66202999 for the information above. I attended a very informative seminar on Menopause organised by this group.

Womens Health Matters are devoted to the health of aging women and have a great deal of expertise in the areas of menopause, osteoporosis and incontinence. They run a free clinic with 2 doctors , a womens health nurse, have a counselling service, do health education and have a library. If you live in the Northern Rivers Area (Grafton - Tweed Heads) and are concerned about any of these issues give them a call.

By Nadia MacLeod