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Is it me or my hormones?

This widely acclaimed book is based on the questions most asked by women experiencing the physical and emotional changes in their middle years (ages 40 - 50).

Is it me or my Hormones? Click here to buy now This well balanced and practical book offers down to earth information on the change of life years - covering medical options like HRT aswell as other more natural methods such as herbs, having the right support network and finding time for self.

Not all symptoms, feelings and experiences are due to hormones and this book helps you to work out what is going on, why you are feeling the way you do and how you can get relief if things if your peri menopausal or menopausal symptoms are unmanageable.

Written jointly by a leading Australian gynecologist Dr Margaret Smith and a psychotherapist Patricia Michalka, this book describes the interaction of women and their hormones at the midlife transition. It uses women's own stories, as well as the personal experiences of the authors, to illustrate some of the problems that arise and with humour and compassion whilst offering practical help.

 "Is it me or my hormones?" neither demonises menopause nor makes out that it is nothing - it acknowledges that all women are different and that there are many ways to experience the change of life.

There are 5 major sections with numerous chapters - they are

  1. Is it me or my hormones?
  2. Symptoms and treatent of menopause
  3. Sexuality and relationship
  4. Attitudinal Change to menopause
  5. Healing way

There is also a resource section of suggested reading and useful websites as well as the Authors own stories.

This title "Is it me or my hormones?" is definitely worth having on your bookshelf.

Click here to Buy - Is It Me Or My Hormones

By Nadia MacLeod