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Ovulation Prediction Kits

These days more and more women are using ovulation prediction kits to help them determine when they are ovulating.

Currently there are two different types of ovulation prediction kits available. The first type is an urine based kit and the second is an ovulation microscope.

Urine Based Kits

These kits detect the 'L.H. surge' that occurs in your body before ovulation begins helping you to work out the best time for intercourse. Ovulation generally occurs about 24 -48 hours after the LH surge.

Most kits are relatively inexpensive and they can be purchased at most pharmacies, online or at some doctors offices. There are many brands available and they vary in price, the number of tests contained in each kit, and amount of time and steps necessary to complete each test. All kits can be used in the wereprivacy of your own home .

How do they work?

Ovulation prediction kits work by indicating the level of luteinizing hormone (LH) in a woman's urine. LH is present throughout the menstrual cycle see how menstruation works, but increases significantly 24 to 36 hours prior to ovulation. This rapid increase is called the LH surge. By identifying the LH surge with the ovulation predictor kit, a couple can then time intercourse to occur during the most fertile time in the female's cycle.

Home Fertility Microscope.

The home fertility microscope works by picking up the changes in your bodies hormonal system at the time of ovulation. These changes can be seen in your saliva.

As a rise in Estrogen occurs prior to and during ovulation, "ferning"crystaline patterns can be seen in your dried saliva sample. These 'ferning patterns' tell you that your body is now preparing to ovulate and that this is your best time to fall pregnant.

Is an Ovulation Predictor Kit necessary?

It is probably only necessary to use a kit if you are having trouble determining ovulation or if your cycle is still irregular. It may be also be a useful tool when you are learning about your own bodies fertility signals if used in tandem with mucus and body symptoms. In many cases using ovulation prediction kits are not essential, ultimately it depends on the individual.

Choosing a Kit for you

When choosing an ovulation kit, you need to consider your own personal needs. The most important question is - will you need the kit for a short time or long-term?

The initial cost of a fertility microscope is higher than an urine predictor kits but most microscopes will last for a number of years (as long as you get one witha replaceable battery) and will provide unlimited tests.

There is possibly a slightly higher learning curve for the using the microscopes but most women find that after a couple of cycles they know what their ovulation pattern looks like and the process is very simple.

The microscopes are also less messy than their urine based counterparts.

There is plenty of information on the internet to help you choose a kit, so it is a matter of doing some research to see what best suits your needs. Follow the instructions carefully, and remember that although the kits are accurate they can produce false positives at times.

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By Nadia MacLeod