Free Guide - How to recognise Your Body's Fertility Clues

Diet guidelines when TTC

Eat healthily to maintain a normal weight for you. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (organic preferably), complex carbohydrates, dairy, meat or other protein if you are vegetarian.

The quality of your food is very important as is its freshness. Eating food as close to its natural state as possible ensures maximum nutrition.

Often we have a very busy lifestyle - if your eating habits need to be improved. Take it in small steps - reconsider your takeaway options - opt for a healthy salad rather than greasy burgers or fish and chips.

  • Eat fruit rather than biscuits, yoghurt instead of ice cream.
  • Moderation in everything is the key.
  • Reduce (or eliminate) coffee, alcohol, cigarette intake.

Alcohol, cigarettes and other recreational drugs can affect fertility markedly. You should stop taking these drugs at least 4 months before you plan to conceive.

Smoking constricts your blood vessels which reduces nutrient intake, it can affect ovarian function, reduces the success of IVF treatment and adversely affects the unborn child - it is not good for you or your baby - give it up.

Alcohol affects male sperm production, lowers female fertility and increases defects in babies.

Marijuana affects the menstrual cycle causing irregularity and sometimes stopping the cycle altogether. It reduces the levels of FSH and LH in men which is needed to make healthy sperm.

Cocaine lowers sperm count, motility and increases the incidence of abnormalities.

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By Nadia MacLeod