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Contraceptive choices

There are many different types of contraceptive choices and it is important to choose the one that suits your needs and lifestyle best.

Someone who is in a steady relationship with one partner will have different needs to another person who has multiple partners, or consecutive different partners.

The risks of getting STD's like AIDS through sexual contact means that often condoms really are the only safe alternative for anyone who is not in a long term committed relationship.

Barrier methods of contraception include condoms - both male and female, the diaphragm and cervical cap.

Hormonal Contraception includes the Pill, Mini Pill, injections and implants.

Other methods include the IUD, Natural Fertility methods, and surgical options eg male and female sterilisation.

Some people consider Withdrawal - unprotected sex where the penis is withdrawn before ejaculation - to be a safe method of contraception. It is not, as often pre-cum which contains sperm is present on the tip of the penis before ejaculation, and this can cause pregnancy. Withdrawal is a risky practise when the femlae is fertile.

By Nadia MacLeod