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Temple of the Blood CD

A CD to empower our Menstrual Life

Written & spoken by Katherine Cunningham

The Temple of the Blood is designed to be used during or just before you menstruate. This is an immensely powerful time for visioning, release and renewal. When we focus our attention during this time we can begin to access the wisdom that was shared and passed on from generation to generation in the menstrual huts and moonlodges of old.

The Temple of the Blood starts by addressing the shame that is one of our biggest barriers to opening to the power of menstruation. To embrace, so fundamentally the feminine through our blood is an incredible experience of our power, our freedom. Once we have begun to lessen the shame, the journey continues to the ancient times to re-learn how to bleed consciously, openly and with purpose.

The rich tones of voice, soothing yet powerful, guide us towards regaining the wisdom within us - the Wisdom of the Blood. The Temple of the Blood CD invites us to re-claim that which is our birthrite as women and in so doing to set our daughters Free!
CD is available from Katherine for $18.50 AUS (plus postage) payable by Paypal or direct deposit. go to to make your order.

Starfire Workshops - the Real Beauty of being a Woman.

The Real Beauty of Being a woman is having deep within access to the inner plains of being, emotional and mental balancing systems and the capacity to call all manner of mojo up and out of the belly.

Are you the unbridled, self-knowing, unfolding jewel of the feminine you can be?

Are you whole? Free? Clear in your belly about which is you and which is the world?

Are you going there and coming back each and every bleed, building and growing your life to reflect the deep shades of red moon wisdom that bubble to the surface as you are still, open and free?

Tis Time Sisters...

On a planet that is drowning in illusion and the manufactured emotion of plastic values, women can change the tide by standing tall in all that is soft but strong, like water, offering that which is of real value, to truly live... gently, with the self, with each other and with the earth.

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 CD Cover of Temple of the Blood