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Pink Ribbon Ride

October is National Breast Cancer month. To launch national activities you are invited to participate in THE PINK RIBBON MOTORCYCLE RIDE which is held annually in various locations throughout Australia, raising funds for The Cancer Council NSW to help in the fight against breast cancer.

The pink ribbon is the international symbol for breast cancer awareness. After the success of the inaugural Pink Ribbon Ride we will again be organising the ride as a Motorcycling Trivia Quest with some great prizes for the clever and consolation prizes for the lucky.

This ride is for EVERYONE! You'll have a great day out while raising funds to support breast cancer services. Meet other riders as you participate in the trivia quest and enjoy the relaxed riding through the scenic Hills and Hawkesbury district of north west Sydney.

We encourage all participants to GET SPONSORSHIP for the ride as this will be an important part of our fundraising drive. There will be great prizes on the day including incentives for individuals and clubs to raise the most sponsorship money!


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