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Moonsong Workshops

Reclaiming Feminine Power through reconnection with the women's mysteries.

Long lost to our culture is the trust in life, deep knowing and connection to all things inherent in the wisdom of the seasons and cycles of a Woman's life.

Every Woman has direct access to this and can find a sense of balance and harmony missing from a sanitised (disinfected and censored) modern life.

Our blood cycles connect us to each other, to the Earth, and to the Moon, yet we perpetuate a mythology that disregards this.

Hearing the stories and using ritual and ceremony , we can heal our past wounds, create new attitudes to our bodies and new ways forward for ourselves, our daughters and their daughters.

Jane Hardwicke Collings

We gather together-..dressed in the garments that remind us of the old times, times that we know from our dreams and the few surviving stories from far away lands. Dress warmly and comfortably, expressing yourself however you choose!

We gather the Moonlodge and the Red Tent, in the Sacred Grove, amongst the Elements, beneath the planets and the stars; in the places where Women have always met, by the fire as sisters. We gather re-member who we are, to put ourselves back together in the order and shape that feels right, of our nature, our essence.

We gather reawaken our connection with the Women's Mysteries through transformative, experiential, creative and spiritual processes.

Bring with you an awareness of where you are in your cycle and a talisman/symbol to represent that for Day One and a talisman/symbol to represent where you are in your life cycle for Day Two.

Bring your coloured pencils/textas or paints for Day One.

Bring your journal

Workshops are fully catered

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Jane Hardwicke Collings is a Grandmother, Mother and Independent Midwife, and has been attending homebirths for 27 years. She is author of "Ten Moons - the Inner Journey of Pregnancy", "Thirteen Moons and Spinning Wheels - the how to chart your menstrual cycle handbook and journal and guide to the cycles", "Becoming - a Woman, a guide for girls approaching menstruation", and "Herstory - a womanifesto". Jane facilitates workshops, teaching the spiritual practice of menstruation and the shamanic dimensions of pregnancy and birth. She is founder and midwife of The School of Shamanic Midwifery, a women's mystery school committed to raising supporting and reawakening deep feminine wisdom, healing birth and healing the Earth.

MoonSong Testimonials

"MoonSong was inspirational. It really helped me to make sense of my life and where Im going . It showed me how powerful I really am, and how to live my life to the fullest. I think MoonSong helps women understand the flow of their cycles and how empowering they actually are. It gets us in touch with our essence". Sylvie Godson King (Crone)

"Moonsong has given me the insight to believe in the strength and beauty that I possess in my body. It makes me so proud to be a woman, I feel very privileged". Natalie Pate (Maiden)

"I did Moonsong accompanied by my 16 year old daughter. My intention was to share the space with other women and to honour myself and my beautiful daughter as Women. I achieved this far beyond my expectations and I now feel at 41 more of woman than I ever have. Witnessing my daughter at her young age, truly honouring herself as a woman, was a mothers dream come true". Kym Kennedy (Mother)