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Just about every woman has their own outlook and opinion on the subject of menstruation. Every woman is different and your experience of your menstrual cycle reflects who you are and your life.

For some women it is a subject that is hardly dwellt upon,  for others it is an experience to be pondered and more closely examined.

Our bodies change over time as we greow, get pregnant or struuggle wuith fertilty, have babies, lose babies, grow children and eventually lose our physical fertility. Through all these things our relationship to our bodies and ourselves change as we grow and mature.

This website has grown through my own personal experiences of menstruation but I am always open to hear what other women have to say because it is always enlightening, invariably honest, sometimes shocking and sually interesting.

The pages in this section are all written by people other than the author of this site Nadia MacLeod, take the time to look through it and see what other people think about menstruation and if you would like to contribute your views, experiences or knowledge to this website we welcomeyour input. Please contribute by emailing the webmaster.