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Opinions on advertising

We received this letter the other day from one of our visitors ...

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Dear Sir / Madam,

Re the appallingly sexist television advertisement for Carefree G String panty liners ( the one with the bare bum):

Has it ever occurred to you that women might find this sort of advertising of products for feminine hygiene to be excruciatingly embarrassing and annoying?

Would a male be comfortable, in the same condition and state of undress, modelling a condom or a protective jock strap on public television? Would a male be comfortable viewing such an advertisement, featuring another male in such a get-up, in the presence of females?

This is the position which women find themselves every day, when these ads are shown on TV, in the presence of husbands, sons, or any other male in the room at the time. If a male would not be comfortable in this situation, why do you assume that women will be?

You are advertising a product intended for feminine hygiene, but presented in a way that would be more appropriate for an item from a sex shop such as Barbarellas or Club X.

This crass and sexist advertisement is going to lose you customers.

I have never seen condoms advertised in this way, nor have I seen ads lauding the capacity of the reservoir, or the strength, or non-slip quality, or silky smoothness etc.

If this sort of advertising would be considered unsuitable for a personal product used by males, why are hygiene products for women not also treated in a more sensitive manner ?

I can assure you that women find most ads for hygiene products to be highly annoying and excruciatingly embarrassing when males are present. This latest ad takes the cake, being utterly sexist into the bargain. I can speak for my five daughters and myself, when I say that we will be boycotting all Johnsons products until this very offensive sexually exploitational advertisement is withdrawn.

Yours faithfully,

Anita Lorenz.