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Is Breast Best for Baby?

Mothers to be are confronted with a fundamental choice of how they will feed their newborn - will it be breast or bottle. Many factors contribute to this decision, eg the influence of family and freinds, concerns about body and breast shape, concerns about how you will cope with feeding demands, partner involvment, biological ostacles and social pressures. 

Whilst you are taking all these issues into account it's important to remember that...

Breastmilk is the best food for babies because:

  • it is a complete food containing everything needed for the first half-year of life
  • it satisfies both hunger and thirst; extra water is not needed
  • it increases a baby's resistance to infection and disease
  • it lessens the risk of allergy and food intolerance

Breastfeeding is good for mothers too...

  • it's convenient, cheap and always there when you need it
  • it's always fresh, clean and safe
  • it quickly soothes a fussy, unhappy baby
  • it helps your uterus return to normal sooner after childbirth
  • it gives you a chance to sit down during the day and rest as you breastfeed
  • it makes you feel good because you know you are giving your baby the best possible start

Breastfeeding helps create a close and loving bond between you and your baby and can be a deeply satisfying experience for you both.

Thanks to the Australian Breastfeeding Association for allowing us to reproduce this information.



By Nadia MacLeod